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Airman for Christ

Todays Airman and their relationship with God

USAFAirman for Christ
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Hello and Welcome to Airman for Christ. I created this commmunity late one night when I was ironing my uniform. I got to thinking about how many other USAF Airman out there are Christians. I almost joined a different Christian community (which I will also do), but I was thinking to myself that mayeb my relationship with God will be affected by me being an Airman in todays Air Force. We as Airman have it tough and God has been there for most of us when we need him. I sometimes forget that when it comes to PCSing and deploying. So I am making this community for people that are in my situation. I want to see ..... stories, fav verses, fav songs, and helping words. I don't know how well this will take off or anything, but I hope at least one more person will join me. You do have to request to join, but hopefully this will keep non-believers from jumping in rathering than keeping some out. Also we can grow as a community and maybe even reach out to our other Airman who may be struggling with their relationship with God. I will post my entry as soon as I can. Heop to see you guys soon.

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