Air Force Dancing Chick (afdancinchick) wrote in airman4christ,
Air Force Dancing Chick

Starting it off...

So I made this community as a spur of the moment type thing. I wanted to get a group of Airman together that also had one more "important" thing in common... God. I am new at focusing on my relationship with God. I have not been a very strong Christian but throughout my entire life I have been a Christian. I guess the point of this community is to bring the Airman of todays Air Force together to help each other focus on our relationships with God. It is a closed community to try and keep it a healthy and meaningful place to share your thoughts on the Air Force, life, God, and anything else that you may be needing right now in your life. The only requirement is a want to bring God into your life more and help others as well. Post if you want to be added. I should get to you rather quickly. Tell people about it as well. We can make it into anything we want, but we need people to make it happen.
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